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Detailed description

Our Reusable Rain Barrels are recycled black plastic barrels that originally held pickles for a North Carolina company. They are food-grade barrels which are completely safe for water storage. They have never held chemicals or other non-food products.

They come with a screw on top with holes and an inside mesh screen to let in water, but keep out leaves, pine needles and insects. The barrel measures 23" in diameter and is 45" high. A brass water spigot and a hose connector are mounted on the barrel. A secondary hose connector is available to "serialize" the barrels (connect one to another for overflow collection) for an additional $5.00.

First time State Employee buyers! Please read the State Employee section before placing an order. Thank you.

PAYMENT DISCLAIMER: Please do not send payment with your Rain Barrel order. Orders will be invoiced after delivery. Payments received before invoicing will be returned. Thank you

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