Plant Information

Map of North Carolina containing plant locations

This page contains specific information about Correction Enterprises' plants. Each plant is located at or near a North Carolina correctional institute.

Questions about specific orders can be directed to our customer service representatives. They are available from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, at (800) 241-0124 or (919) 716-3600.

Facility / Industry Location Inmate Workers
Administration Raleigh 5
Package and Distribution Apex 29
License Tag Plant (NCCIW) Raleigh 60
Print Plant (Nash CI) Nashville 148
Sign Plant (Franklin CC) Bunn 170
Sign Reclaiming Plant (Moore County) Carthage 15
Quick Copy Plant (NCCIW) Raleigh 60
Woodworking Plant (Alexander CI) Taylorsville 71
Sewing (Scotland CI) Laurinburg 120
Sewing (Columbus CI) Whiteville 135
Sewing (Pender CI) Burgaw 110
Sewing (Mountain View CI) Spruce Pine 120
Janitorial Products (Warren CI) Norlina 97
Metal Products Plant (Lanesboro CI Minimum) Polkton 84
Upholstery Plant (Alexander CI) Taylorsville 41
Reupholstery Plant (Piedmont CI) Salisbury 40
Optical Plant (Nash CI) Nashville 50
Laundry (Central Prison) Raleigh 10
Laundry (Craggy CC) Asheville 55
Laundry (Broughton Hospital) Morganton 60
Laundry (Sampson CI) Clinton 180
Laundry (Umstead Hostpital) Butner 55
Laundry (Cherry Hospital a.k.a. Chase) Goldsboro 70
Meat Processing Plant (Harnett CI) Lillington 86
Caledonia Farm Tillery 121
Cannery (Caledonia Farm) Tillery 156
Fresh Produce Warehouse (Caledonia Farm) Tillery 24
Braille Plant (Scotland CI) Laurinburg 25
Employee Awards (Moore County) Carthage 10
Inmate Packaging (Lanesboro CI) Polkton 40