Customer Testimonials

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Andrea Kennedy, MLT Program Coordinator

Southwestern Community College

"The inmates that were a part of the installation team were very professional and efficient. They did a fabulous job."(Back To List)

It was a very positive experience using their services from the design plan to final completion,"

Mitch Fischer, Dean of Health Sciences

Southwestern Community College

"I have to say the Correction Enterprises was the easiest, most polite and customer-centered vendor I have ever dealt with,"(Back To List)

June St. Clair Atkinson, State Superintendent

North Carolina Public Schools

"I am promoting that all North Carolina Public Schools buy products from Correction Enteprises. Correction Enterprises produces a multitude of excellent quality products, from printing to furniture to janitorial products which meet or exceed state contract specifications. In addition, the prices are very good and you are not required to go through the bidding process."(Back To List)

Through reputation and commitment, they are the preferred provider for most state agencies."

Dr. Ben Matthews, Director of School Support

North Carolina Public Schools

"Public schools in North Carolina have purchased stainless steel equipment fabricated by Correction Enterprises and have saved significant money in the process. School systems have the option to purchase this equipment for new school construction and renovation by separating this line of work in the contruction bid by inserting "owner provided."(Back To List)

Cumberland County Schools

There is a good reason why Sharlyn Logan, Child Nutrition Supervisor for Cumberland County Schools, is a regular customer of Correction Enterprises stainless steel products (Metal Products). The service is so good, she said, "It makes me wonder if I am getting special treatment up there...which is good!"

Cumberland County Child Nutrition has purchased hoods, work tables, jiffy lines, shelving, and carts. "A little bit of everything," according to Logan.

Customer service is a big focus at Correction Enterprises. A lot of people make quality stainless steel products, so good customer service must be "that something" that sets Enterprises stainless steel apart from the rest. It makes a difference to Sharlyn Logan. Everybody is courteous, helpful, and wanting to meet our needs.They fixed a hood for us when deadlines looked like they were impossible to meet. It was work that needed to be completed before school started!"(Back To List)

Johnston County Schools Transportation

Mr. Craig Warren, Parts Manager for Johnston County Schools Transportation, buys all his greases, hydraulic fluids and anti-freeze (Oils & Lubricants) from Correction Enterprises. He also purchases some products from the Janitorial Products Plant including truck wash and windshield washing fluid.

"I am very satisfied with the products and services. The products have been outstanding. The customer service has been excellent. Correction Enterprises has always offered great products at competitive prices.," said Warren.(Back To List)

McDowell County Schools

Judy Searcy, Director of Child Nutrition for McDowell County Schools, was introduced to the Correction Enterprises dishwashing products and system (Janitorial Products) at the DPI Child Nutrition Fall Conference. She is particularly pleased with the service she receives.

We have been very pleased with the dishwashing system, both the products and service."

"Once we had a problem with too much additive. We simply called our technician and he came by that day to correct it. It was an unscheduled visit for the technician, but he wanted to make sure our problem was corrected."

"I also like the fact that your technician comes by once a month to inspect the machinery and service it.That has saved us money by identifying small problems before they became major ones."(Back To List)

Linda Coleman, Director of NC State Personnel

Participating in Correction Enterprises' State Employee Purchase program, Linda Coleman purchased new prescription eyeglasses from the Optical Plant.

I received great service and I was thrilled to see more than 150 frames to choose from... What a spectacular benefit for state employees!"

Jim Korth, Employment Security Commission

Another participant in the State Employee Purchase program, Jim Korth (Ex-Offender Coordinator for ESC) offers a ringing endorsement of the program and Correction Enterprises' products.

I got my glasses through C.E. this year... and I was very pleased! I also enjoy my rain barrel. State employees need to take advantage of these opportunities!"

Division of Medical Assistance

The states current Medicaid prescription eyeglass contract is held by Correction Enterprises Nash Optical Plant (Eyeglasses). According to Ronda Owen of the Division of Medical Assistance, "There are two major reasons for using Correction Enterprises optical service. Doing so enables the state to save 9% over the price of the previous outside contractor. The contractor we were using was out of state and turnaround time was slower...

Enterprises has been able to provide us with a better turnaround time and the money stays within our state."

Owen claims that the Optical Plant staff go above and beyond the call of duty. "On occasion, I have had the need to call for an emergency situation, like a young boy who broke his glasses and needed a new pair for an important test. Optical will do their best to get the special order out as quickly as possible."(Back To List)

Legislative Report Service

Jennifer Henderson, Office Manager for Legislative Report Service, describes her job as time sensitive. "I am often under tight deadlines to get things done. It is always nice to know I can depend on the quick-copy center (Printing Services) to make sure I get the printing that I need on time. We use the center for quick copies of our publications. We are very satisfied with the service we receive."

The quick-copy center is able to give us a one-day turnaround..."

"I have found Correction Enterprises staff to always be very helpful. They will usually go out of their way to help me. They all know me by name. Any thing that I need done, they will do. Deliveries usually come in very heavy boxes. I ask them to put them up on the table and they will do that for me. It is no problem. Whatever I need."(Back To List)